Our Real Ale Fruity Flapjacks are homemade with jumbo oats, butter, dark brown sugar, golden syrup and fruit soaked until plump in Rambler Amber Ale (ABV 4.0%)  from the Wincle Beer Co.  They are crisp and golden on the outside and moist and chewy on the inside.  They are just how a flapjack should be.  They are filling, easy to pack in your pocket for a ramble, as a picnic treat, or for lunchboxes.


Our homemade Chocolate Stout Brownies are made in small batches and are rich, dark and fudgy with complex flavours of chocolate, coffee and Old Hag Stout Porter (ABV 5.2%) from the Wincle Beer Co.  We use a combination of our own free range hen and duck eggs in laying season and free range eggs when not available.

(First Prize at Nantwich Show 2016)


Chocolate Stout Pudding

A rich, grown up pudding, made with Old Hag Stout Porter (ABV 5.2%) from the Wincle Beer Co.

Sticky Treacle Toffee Pudding

A sticky date sponge pudding with a treacle toffee sauce.

Lemon Pudding

A light and zesty, lemon soufflé pudding, with a fresh lemon sauce.


picture of jars of Sweet Emily's onion marmalade

Old Hag Real Ale Chutney

(made with Old Hag Stout Porter (ABV 5.2%) from the Wincle Beer Co).

First prize at Nantwich Show 2014

A hearty vegetable chutney with plenty of character.  Delicious served with cheese, crusty bread and a pint or two.

(Even the chickens get a tasty hot breakfast, as the vegetable peelings left over from the chutney, make a good mash!).

Onion Marmalade with Port & Thyme

(Great as a relish or as a quick and tasty, onion gravy with sausages.  Just add 100 ml beef stock, 1 tsp English Mustard and black pepper to 3 tbs onion marmalade.


Blackcurrant jam

(made with home grown, hand-picked blackcurrants)

Hedgerow Jelly

(made with locally foraged fruit and berries)

(2nd prize at Nantwich Show 2014)

Strawberry Jam

(made using only English grown strawberries)

Roasted Plum & Cardamom & Vanilla Jam

(made with home grown plums)

Gooseberry Jam

Highly commended at Nantwich Show 2014

1st Prize at Nantwich Show 2016

(made with homegrown, hand picked fresh gooseberries.  Topped and tailed and straight into the preserving pan with sugar and water).

Rhubarb and Vanilla Jam

Great Taste Award 2014 from the Guild of Fine Food

2nd Prize at Nantwich Show 2016

(made with home grown or local rhubarb and vanilla pod)


Lane Ends Farm Shop

Walker Lane, Sutton, SK11 0DZ.  Tel:  01260 253628

Wincle Beer Company, Tolls Farm, Wincle. 01260

Cheshire Gap Deli, Mill Lane, Macclesfield


Chocolate Stout Cake or Cupcakes


Wedding favours with a difference

Old Hag Real Ale Chutney/Chocolate Stout cupcake/Real Ale Fruity Flapjack

Classic Victoria Sponge Cake

Moist sponge with strawberry jam and vanilla butter icing.

Picture of a classic Victoria Sponge with Jam and butter icing

Raspberry & Vanilla Cupcakes

Raspberry Cup Cakes small_DSC7910


Everybody loves the packaging!  Superbly designed by my other half … Alleyne Parry, from This Agency.  Alleyne also designed the Wincle Beer Co website along with beer bottle labels and pump clips.




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