Tray Bakes


Real Ale Fruity Flapjacks

Our very popular flapjacks are handmade with fruit soaked in Rambler Amber Ale from the Wincle Beer Co.

Golden and crispy on the outside and moist, buttery and chewy on the inside … just how a flapjack should be.  Pack it in your pocket to enjoy on a ramble or as a snack in lunchboxes.


Chocolate Stout Brownies

Rich chocolate flavours with a hint of stout … crisp on top and gooey inside.  Handmade with Old Hag Stout Porter from the Wincle Beer Co and our own happy free range hen and duck eggs.


Rocky Road Bars

Meltingly good … a biscuity bottom with a rich chocolate and marshmallow top. 


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